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anemometer, wind sensor, wind meter, stormchaser weather instruments Sigma Sport BC906 Maximum Speed Issue

Dear Valued Inspeed Customer

In January, 2008 we discovered a problem with Inspeed Vortex products shipped since roughly April, 2007. The problem is this:

Contrary to our published specifications, the BC906 is not able to display speeds above roughly 70 mph.
This is due to internal changes to the circuitry of the display that did not exist with the previous model, the Sigma Sport BC1200. We were not aware of these internal changes to the BC906 that would affect high speed readings.

The BC906 looks like this:

...this is the one with the max speed limit of roughly 70 mph.

The BC1200 looks like this:

...this is the one that is good to speeds approaching 200 mph.

If you have a BC906, you should know that the maximum speed that your anemometer is roughly 70 mph. If this is acceptable to you, there is nothing you need to do. We appreciate your business and your understanding.

If you have a BC906 and you desire the ability to display wind speeds above 70 mph, we need to replace it with a BC1200. There is no cost obligation to you; we are prepared to replace it with a BC1200. Please fill out the shopping cart information and we will take it from there. Click on the link at the bottom of this page.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and remain committed to providing affordable, user-friendly products.

Thank you again,
Lorenzo Majno
President,, LLC

Click HERE to intiate the process of exchanging your BC906 for a BC1200.

If you do not purchase any items, there is no charge. You will receive a replacement BC1200 with a return envelope for the BC906. Select PRINT/CALL ORDER and submit the "order". You do not need to call.

Thank you!