Storm Chasing. Thank you for the photo Chris Novy! - manufacturer of quality, affordable weather instruments.

Know the wind on the water - power and sailboats...

Wind Energy Studies for personal or home use. Click here for some guidance and a list of turbine sellers

Measure the wind to pick the right weapon...(in this case kite-boarding!)

Wind Energy Studies for turbine sales
Click here for some guidance and a list of turbine sellers.

Using the wind (and WindSwitch) to close awnings - and shut off fountains...

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The KidWind Project is a team of teachers, engineers and scientists committed to innovative energy education. Our goal is to promote the elegance of wind power through affordable tools and training programs that challenge, engage and inspire students of all ages.

This is Nathan - a super weather enthusiast who sent us great images and VIDEO of him and his Inspeed Anemometers...!

WeatherStudio Weather Station Software Creator. Check out his web site: WeatherStudio.

Impressive stuff! 

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