Suite à mon achat chez Audon Electronic, du VORTEX WIND SENSOR ONLY  et  INSPEED E-VANE pour une station météo.

Following my purchase from Electronic Audon, the VORTEX WIND SENSOR ONLY E-VANE INSPEED and a weather station. [...] 
Je suis satisfait de votre matériel, INSPEED E-VANE marche à merveille. I am satisfied with your equipment, INSPEED E-VANE works perfectly.

With thanks
Yves M.

I received the Inspeed Vortex Pole Mount Anemometer December 25, 2011 as a Christmas present, I completed the simple installation and within minutes it was working great. The first night it clocked a wind gust of 117.5 mph.
I attached a photo of the meter.

We get very high winds living next to the Rocky Mountains and now I can keep track of how hard the wind is blowing, I love it!

Thank you Inspeed.

You guys are super. Got it Monday and it is an improvement on the original one. Will send a check.. If you take paypal I can do it that way. If you ever need a recommendation for your products use on sail boats let me know.

- Capn Dan

This from one our very biggest fans:
I purchased my first Inspeed from you six years ago in 2005 and it functions perfectly to this day. The quality of the instrument is remarkable for the price - it recorded a 73.3mph gust at my house during the Blizzard of '06 and still functions as loyally as it did when I opened the box. It has sustained ice accretion, temperatures down to -10F, and other winds over 70mph that littered my front lawn with my neighbors' shingles in a Nor'easter back in February of 2010. Based on my station's average wind speeds, the original rotor has spun over 45 million times and to this day records wind data with precision and accuracy.

I have been satisfied with all my subsequent purchases from Inspeed, and I am pleased with the honesty and fairness with which you conduct your business. It's a quality product at a fair price and made locally in Massachusetts.


-Paul, New England


I'm looking for another anemometer and found your web site, again.  I wanted to tell you that I already own a pole mounted anemometer from you. I've had it for about 5 years, and it works great!  The highest wind speed I've recorded with it was 121 mph.  I live in the mountains of central Colorado, and we can get some fierce winds here.  I put my sensor on top of a 10 foot conduit mounted in a tripod on my house roof.  I have the display mounted on the end of our kitchen counter where it's easy to see, and quick to get to when we hear some strong gusts blowing.  I love the quick response time on the display.  It is so much better for us than the 1 or 2 minute averaged display on so many other anemometers.  We can see how fast the gusts actually are, in real time.  And I also love that the display will record average wind speed, duration, max wind speed, etc.  We used this data, hand recorded every month, to help with an evaluation of our property for wind generation.  With the help from two years of data from your anemometer we determined that our place was a great spot for wind generation.

Thanks for making a great product.  The only maintenance we've done since we bought it was to change the battery in the display about once every 15-18 months.

Best Regards,
Mike, Colorado​​

This must be a record... 

Lorenzo my anemometer made it 50777 miles before something knocked one of the cups off going down the road at 70mph  What a great little anemometer.


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This one is fun: she bought an anemometer on Amazon for her husband, and it was not quite right, so she returned it... No problem... Then came this email:

Thank you so much for your consideration.  I'm going to leave great feedback on your business.  What a positive experience this has been!  The package will be mailed today - USPS (priority).

Thanks Lorenzo for the confirmation.  We just wanted to add that our boat 'neighbours' Roger & Bonnie were installing their wind pole mount from you folks and we asked about it.  Roger told us all about it and how to find you folks on the internet.  It sounds like a great product & we look forward to using it.  Thanks (to Roger) and to

Debbie & John, Florida​​